Assessment Interest

I am interested in assessment and evaluation approaches for the introductory chemistry courses. The investigations will shed light into the factors that hinder and benefit the attainability of science instruction goals, as proposed by authoritative advising entities and agencies (e.g., National Research Council, American Chemical Society). My intention is to investigate the current state of student learning in chemistry, and use empirical evidence to support and improve current chemistry curricula. Also the findings from the assessment and evaluation can provide insightful information to propose evidence-based innovative initiatives for curriculum reform, and novel teaching practices and learning strategies.



Studies in Lecture Settings 

Effect of class assignments on Exam Performance, Course CHEM150

Number of students: 62

chem150 1


  1. In-class participation activities (i.e., group work, iclicker questions, and quizzes) support students’ performance similarly. That is, the results do not indicate that one method of assessment was better than the others for this group of students in this course.
  2. In-class participation and homework have a moderate prediction power on exam performance. That is, completing these activities does correlate with higher performance in the exams. In-class participation seems to better support students for the exams than the homework assignments.
  3. In-class participation correlates adequately with homework assessment. Thus, homework and in-class participation are related and support each other to help students succeed in the course.

Relationship between Lecture, Laboratory and Chemistry Concept Inventory Performance, Course CHEM150

Number of students: 62

chem150 2 


  1. Performance in Lecture is highly correlated with performance in the Laboratory. Thus, lecture content seems to support laboratory understanding and vice versa.
  2. Lecture performance is positively correlated with performance in the chemistry concept inventory (CCi), however the value is low. Thus, there seems to be a weak relationship between chemistry conceptual understanding and the content covered in class. This is expected as the lecture class does not cover the chemistry concepts evaluated in the CCi.
  3. Laboratory performance does not correlate significantly with the CCi. Thus, the lab seemed to have no effect on students’ conceptual understanding as measured by the CCi.

Study of General and Organic Chemistry Sequences at CSUB 

Gen Chem and Organic Sequences Analysis CSUB

Analysis of Student Evaluation of Instruction in Chemistry at CSUB 

Student Evaluation of Instruction Analysis CSUB